Llegeixo que ha sortit un reportatge publicat al Financial Times i que parla de Nosaltres. D’acord que l’article és del tot doblega-esquenes, dient coses com: “The constant debate about autonomy and separatism, which has intensified ahead of regional elections this autumn, means the tripartite Catalan government spends too much time debating independence and not enough on important matters such as the need to improve education, says one local consultant in Barcelona.” -i que també té la seva gràcia que parlin del tripartit d’aquesta manera, com si fossin els principals instigadors de l’independentisme- però sigui com sigui, parlen de nosaltres. I en parlen bé, molt bé, com ara fent referència a Catalonia més enllà de Barcelona i que, fins i tot, s’treveixen a parlar del Priorat. Vegin, vegin: “But the vines of the Priorat wine region are nothing if not hardy. The stunted, well-pruned plants – some a century old – send their roots as far as eight or nine metres into the ground in search of a few crumbs of friable soil and a taste of moisture. It is this perpetual struggle in the face of scorching summer heat and icy winters that gives Priorat wines the deep colours, extraordinary potency and mineral attributes now prized by wine lovers from Berlin to Boston. In modern times, none of these qualities counted for much until the 1990s. El Priorat – named after the Carthusian monastery of Escaladei (“the staircase of God”) that oversaw the region for 600 years – […] “The revolution in the 1990s was that we started to think of wine for the end-consumer, not for bulk sales,” says Salustià Alvarez, chairman of the Priorat wine region’s regulatory council and winemaker for Vall Llach. “With the Priorat brand we succeeded in that the wine experts of America, France and the UK sensed the mineralisation of this terroir. The great value of El Priorat is in the soil.” Perdonin però com comprendran no me n’he pogut estar… he,he

LA CANÇÓ: 2+2=5, de Radiohead.


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